The well was dry beside the door, 
  And so we went with pail and can 
Across the fields behind the house 
  To seek the brook if still it ran;                   
Not loth to have excuse to go,
  Because the autumn eve was fair 
(Though chill), because the fields were ours, 
  And by the brook our woods were there. 
We ran as if to meet the moon 
  That slowly dawned behind the trees,
The barren boughs without the leaves, 
  Without the birds, without the breeze. 
But once within the wood, we paused 
  Like gnomes that hid us from the moon, 
Ready to run to hiding new
  With laughter when she found us soon. 
Each laid on other a staying hand 
  To listen ere we dared to look, 
And in the hush we joined to make 
  We heard, we knew we heard the brook.
A note as from a single place, 
  A slender tinkling fall that made 
Now drops that floated on the pool 
  Like pearls, and now a silver blade.

Plz help this poem summary Chapter name is Going for Water 

Poet name is Robert Frost


Dear student,
Please refer below for the answer for your query.

Going for Water by Robert Frost is a poem about the importance of preserving rivers and brooks. In this poem, the poet says that his brother (or sister) and himself were not allowed to go out of their house. Many years ago they had known a brook behind their house across the fields. One summer day, when there was no water in their well, they went out in search of the brook. The poem further describes their journey through fields until they reach the brook.
First stanza - There was a well beside the poet’s house but it was dry that year. Carrying buckets and plastic cans, the poet and some others went out. They crossed a field behind the house.In search of a little river that used to be there.
Second stanza - The poet had the excuse to go to the brook because they had no water in the first place. Secondly, the autumn evening was fair and charming. Apart from this, the brook flowed by the poet’s fields and woods.
Third stanza - The narrator and his companion ran across the filed is such a hurry that it appeared that they were running to meet the moon as it emerged. The evening moon came out very slowly. The time presented is evening. 
Forth stanza - The children stopped among the trees near the brook.The poet compares the hiding of the children with gnomes that hide the Earth from the Moon. The children were ready to hide from the Moon.
Fifth stanza - Each child spread his hands to stop the other to listen before they dared to look. In the silence, they listened and were sure that is was the brook.
Sixth stanza - They could hear a sound from a single place, a thin tinkling fall of drops that floated on the pool as pearls, now as "silver blade"

Hope the answer is satisfactory and helpful!

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