Read the following extract and answer the next questions ----

"I descend to lave the droughts, atomies, dust - layers of the globe,

And all that in them without me were seeds only, latet,


And forever, by day and night, I give back life to my

own origin,

And make pure and beautify it".

1). What does 'I' do on descending ?

2). How does 'I' affect those that have seeds in them ?

3). Explain the meaning of the last line of the extract.

4). What is the effect of the poet's use of 'I' in the poem ?

5). What is the figure of Speech in the poem ?

1) The speaker laves or washes the droughts, atoms and dust on all the layers of the globe.

2) The seeds which were merely latent that is, full of potential but unborn now begin to gestate and eventually grow due to the nourishing touch of rain, it gives life to them.

3) The rain cleanses the earth and makes it more beautiful because without it, the earth would turn dry and barren.

4) The poet's use of the 'I' is effective in giving voice to the rain, to make it speak to us of its own commendable work in helping the earth. We listen to the voice of the rain so to speak rather than the poet's articulation of it,  this shows a fertile imagination and deft use of technique on the part of the poet.

5) The figure of speech used is personification.

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1) here i is the rain

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2)puts life into them,help t hem germinate
3)gives  back life to earth, washes it (as dust layers settle down), help seeds germinate . earth looks fresh,pure & beautiful 
4)it has made poem more interesting, glorified it,enhanced its beauty
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 why does walt whitman fell that need to translate rain answer in 30-40 words only?

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why does walt whitman fell that need to translate rain answer?

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3)The rain originates from the earth and tranforms into clouds that descend on earth.It  beautifies,rejuvinates and replenishes the earth and brings the earth-its origin back to life.

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Hey what is the effect of I's in the poem

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Explain the figure of speech used in the poem "The Voice of the Rain".

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How does rain brings back life to its origin?

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How does rain brings back life to its origin?

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what are the two sounds

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Why are the last two lines put within brackets

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