The type of crop that may be grown in a particular field depends on the type of soil.Give three example in support of this statement.

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Soils can be classified into 3 different types based on their composition, size of soil particles, and other properties. Sandy soil cannot hold water easily, so more watering is required. Clayey soil can hold water so less irrigation is required. Thus the type of a crop grown depends on the nature of the soil. Rice, wheat, sugarcane are some of the crops that grow well in humus-rich soil as this type of soil is very fertile and contains a lot of nutrients.

Soil type

Particle type


         Crops grown in                                         soil



Loosely packed, with large air spaces. Water soaks into it easily. Thus it is dry, light and airy

Lettuce, corn, collard greens etc.


Fine, small

Tightly packed with no air spaces. This type of soil is heavy and holds more water

Wheat, grams and paddy

Loamy / silt

A mixture of large and small particles

Holds water, contains humus

Lentils, cotton, sugarcane etc.

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