the trend in changing interest rates and their effects on savings. 
what material can be added to this as a cbse project 

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There is great impact on saving if there is a change in rate of interest. 
If rate of interest increases, people will invest more money which encourages saving and if rate of interest decreases, people will not like to invest their money and hence savings get reduced.

Project: Effect of rate of interest on savings
Rate of interest and saving has a positive relationship. It means that if interest rate increases, savings will also increase and with a fall in interest rate, savings will also get reduced.
Suppose: Rate of Fixed Deposit is 7.5% Saving Rs.1,00,000. In case interest rate increases, then saving will also increase and if interest rate decreases, then saving will also decrease. You can also plot this on graph by showing rate of interest and saving on the axis of the graph.


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