the term artificial intelligence AI has become a buzzword in the field of computer science search more about AI with the help of internet newspapers and computer magazine makes a PowerPoint presentation on the topic development of artificial intelligence ....... so please make a PowerPoint for me..its urgent u can link me experts pleaseeeew

Dear Student,
Kindly note down the following points to make a presentation on 'Development of AI'.
Slide 1 - Introduction (Definition of AI- It is a branch of computer science which deals with intelligence of machines.....)
Slide 2 - Central Principles of AI 
Slide 3 - Methods (Symbolic - focuses on the development of knowledge-based systems and computational AI - includes such methods as neural networks (NN), fuzzy systems (FS), and evolutionary computing) Describe them in detail.
Slide 4 - History of AI (It was proposed by John McCarthy)
Slide 5 - Applications of AI(Finance, Medicines, Music, Telecommunications, Robotics...etc)
Slide 6 - Explosive growth (both in negative - harmful to society and positive sense - useful to society)
Slide 7 - Achievements and Future of AI
Slide 8 - Conclusion

Hope it helps you.




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