The specific heat of water in S.I is 4200 J kg-1k-1 . if a copper vessel of water equivalent 0.1 kg contains 4 kg of water at 30 degree centigrade then find the time required to raise the temperature of this water to the boiling point if 50 J of heat is supplied every second .

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Given information is,

Specific heat of water S=4200 J kg-1 K-1,
Water equivalent of the copper vessel Sw=0.1 kg,
Mass of water 4 kg,
Temperature difference T=Tf-Ti=100-30=70 0C=70 K. and
Rate of heat flow dQdt=50 Js.


Time required to heat the water to boiling point is,

50×t=Qcopper+Qwatert=Qcopper+Qwater50=Sw×Water equivalant of water+Mwater×T50t=4200×0.1+4×7050=4200×4.1×7050=120540050t=24,108 sec6.7 hrs


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