the set of all the possible values of 'a' for which the function f(x)=5+(a-2)x+(a-1)x^2-x^3 has a local minimum value at some x<1 and local maximum value at some x>1 is

Dear  Student Differentiating  it  will  give2(a-2)x - 3x2 In  order  for  the  function  to  have  critical  points  in  range  x<1 2(a-2)x - 3x2 = 02(a-2) -3x = 02(a-2) =3x2(a-2)3 =xFor   x <12(a-2)3 < 1a < 7/2For  x > 12(a-2)3 > 1a > 7/2Regards

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