the rulers of which dynasty ruled over panchasar

the rulers of which dynasty ruled over panchasar 1 MEDIEVAL GUJARAT Choose the correct alternative from those given below each question and write its corresponding letter in the provided against the question : For which tyiY of sarees is Patan famous ? A. Bandhani C. Ritola B. KanJIeararn D. Banarasi 2 The rulers 01 which dynasty ruled over panchasar? A. Chavda C. Solanki B. Vaghela D. Pratihar ' 3 On the banks Of which river did Vanraj Chavda build a new A. Saraswau C. Rupen B. Khari D. Banas 4 Which dynasty ruled over Gujarat after the Chavda dynasty ? A. Vaeaeia B. Solanki C. Rathod D. Chauhan [ 5 J Dunng whose rule did scholar IKaIikasarvagna,• Hemchandraacharya live ? A. Kumarpal B. Siddhraj Jaysinh C _ Bhumdev Solanki D. Mulr aj so 6 During whose rule did Anhilwad Patan come to be known as Dharn'? A , S idd hraJ Jaysinh B. Kumarpal D. MulraJ Solanki C. Alay-pal 7 i During the reign 01 Which king was Gujarat's prosperity at its apex? A. Alay-pal B Bhimdev 9>1anki C. Siddhraj Jayslnh D. Kurnarpai 8 How many kings Of the Solanki dynasty later renounced the thrones to become hermits ? A _ Seven B. Four C. Five D. Six 9 In Which City was Rani•ki.VOv constructed ? A Vadnagar B. Patan C. Junagadh D. Vadodara I O) Who built the Rani•kt-Vav ? A Rani Bhanumati B. queen -Mother Rgjrnata) Minaldevi C Rani U daymati D. Ran Nai kidevi

Dear Student,
Answer to your question is :

A) Chavda Dynasty


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