The mass of carbon anode consumed (giving only carbondioxide) in the production of 270 kg of aluminium metal from bauxite by the Hall process is : (Atomic mass Al = 27)A)180 kgB)270 kgC)540 kgD)90 kg

Also explain.

Bauxite is not directly used in Hall's process. It is first converted into alumina by Bayer's process.
Reaction of carbon with Al2O3 forming Aluminium and carbon dioxide is given :
2Al2O3 + 3C  4Al  + 3CO2

​Molar mass of Al = 27 g mol-1
​Molar mass of Al2O3 = 118 g mol-1
​Molar mass of Carbon = 12 g mol-1

Thus, we can see that according to this reaction, (4×27) = 108 g of Al is formed from the reduction of Al2O3 by (3×12) = 36 g of carbon.
108 g of Al produced by 36 g of Carbon
27000 g of Al is formed by (36 / 108) ×27000
= 90000 g or 90 kg (aaprox.)

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