The mass of an electron is 9.1x10-31kg.If its kinetic energy is 3.0x10-25J.CALCULATE ITS WAVELENGTH........

The wavelength will be calculated from the De Broglie's relation which is

 λ = h/ (mxv)

where λ is the wavelength, h is the planck's constant, m is the mass of the electron and v is its velocity. For calculating the velocity, we will use the expression

 E = 1/2 mv2

We are given that E = 3 x 10-25J. Therefore we get

 v2 = 2 x E /m

On substituting the values, we get 

 v = 8.12 x 102

Hence  λ = h/ (mxv)

 = 6.63 x 10-34/(9.1 x 10-31 x8.12 x 102)

 = 8.972 x 10-7m

Hence the wavelength of the electron will be 8.972 x 10-7m

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 9.09X102 m

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