The horizontal component of earth 's magnetic field at a place is B and angle of dip is 60 degrees. What is the value of vertical component of earth 's magnetic field at equator?

This question was asked in 2012 boards.I asked ths question yesterday also and the answer given by you is different from that available on this site where question-answers of previous year board papers are given.

there the answer is given to be zero and i don't undestand how. please review the question and explain how the vertical component of earth's magnetic field is zero at equator.

thank you

The answer given  on our website is correct, please refer to the 2012 board solutions on our website and for more information please switch to the link given below:  

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angle of dip at equator is zero , so obviously , vertical component will also be zero. angle of dip is 900 at poles.

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