"The fun they had "gives out inherent value of tradition school as against the tele schools . Explain this statement . (80 to 90 words).

Dear student,

The story 'The Fun they had' discusses the differences between the mechanical schools and our traditional schools. The inherent values in our traditional system of education were based on the interaction between students and teachers and interspersonal relatuons among students. The teachers did not only teach lessons but helped inculcate the timeless values of honesty, sincerity, compassion, kindness in the students. The students could emulate what they saw practised! Interaction with other students gave them an opportunity to learn desirable social skills ans forge lifelong friendships. Many other skills were learnt through co-curricualr activities and practical application of concepts. The mechanical teacher was capable of only imparting knowlegde and evaluating assignments: it was monotonous and mechanical.


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