The following paragraph has not been edited .There is one error in each line.Identify the error in each line and write the incorrect word and correction in your answer.The first one has done as an example .

Man is the nobler of all animals ,the final e.g.,nobler ----------- noblest.

product of untold age of progressive a)

evolution,but they is not consciously b)

striving to live over to his heritage. c)

The beasts hold a world conference to d)

confabulate in the authenticity of man's e)

claim to be the better of creations and f)

the monarch in all that walks on the earth. g)

The lion chair the meeting .The tiger rose first. h)

i want the a nswers ..someone plz help me.

a) age-         ages
b) they is-    he is
c) live over- live up
d) hold a-    held a
e) in the-     on the
f) creations- creation
g) in all-       of all
h) chair-      chaired

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