The feeling of loss and tragedy can be got rid of,if one has a solid social support from ones fellow men and society . Describe how this is shown in 'A house is not a home'.

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It is true that the feeling of loss and tragedy can overwhelm a person. The author felt lonely and depressed after his house was burnt down and he lost all his possessions. The discovery that his cat was nowhere to be found left him even more upset. He felt sad and embarrassed in the new high school with no backpack or proper shoes. But, his school friends and teachers supported him fully. their kind gesture of providing him with all kinds of school supplies, backpack, shoes and clothes showed him how much they cared for him. The social support made him realise that tragedy is not everlasting. A house is a mere building, a home is built with love and support.


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Yes you are true this question is from moments weathering the storm in Ersama
  If anyone feels sad they can be brought to the state of happy by the surroundings and the society.
People have to talk happily with one another.
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A house is where people don't bother much but a home is where they do.
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