The diameter of a circular park is 140m . around it on the outside , a path having the width of 7m is constructed . if the path has to be fenced from inside and outside the rate of Rs7 per metre , find its total cost . (please use the formula of pi and plese solve the answer in properway dont only give answer) .

The dimeter of inside circle = 140m
Radius = 70 m
So, perimeter of inside circle = =2πr=2*227*70=440m
width of the path =7m
So radius of the outer circle = 70+7=77m
So, the perimeter of the outside circle=2πr=2*227*77=484m
Total perimeter= 440+484=924 m
Cost of fencing per meter =Rs. 7
Cost of fencing for 924 m = 924*7=Rs. 6468

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