The constitution of india comprises of three wings the legislature the juficiary and the executive and each is independent in its own way plz identify error in whole sentence plz dont write only ans i need explanation how u identify error and how that error corrected plz explain whole process expert 1 request i m feeling very -very much difficulty in finding errors in any sentence what to do

Dear Student,
Given below are few points that will help you.

There are a few things to consider while correcting the error.
  • Check out the tense of the passage. In order to understand the tense, first read the passage completely.
  • See what the questions asks, whether there is omission of words or correction of words.
  • Check if the plural and singular word formations are correct.
  • Look for any spelling mistakes in the sentence. This includes Upper case, punctuation, grammar etc.
The constitution of India comprises of three wings, the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive and each one is independent in its own way.

I hope you find this answer helpful. Please post more questions on the forum to be assisted by our team.
Thank you.

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