The conquest of bengal was a turning point in the history of India .do u agree with this assessment ?? Do u think that conquest of bengal paved the way for British supremacy ??

1.The statement the conquest of Bengal  by the East India Company was a turning point in the history of India is true.It marked the supremacy of the British rule in India.
2 The Battle of Plassey fought between the Nawab of Bengal Siraj-ud Daula and Robert Clive in June 23, 1757 was remembered as a great historical war. The Nawab was defeated and forced to flee.
3.This war boosted the prestige and morale of the British in India.They could establish themselves as a free trading company by capturing the rich revenues of Bengal. They could also build up a strong army with the help of which they could rule over the whole country later.
4.After the war ended, Mir Zafar who was loyal to the British during the war was made the Nawab of Bengal. The British Company got the right to trade freely in Bengal. The Company also received the Zamindari (land revenue) of the 24 Paraganas near Calcutta.
5.To maintain its supremacy over Bengal, the East India Company introduced a major system of land revenue here which came to be known as the Permanent Settlement System.The Government used to get 10th or 11th part of the revenue collected by the zamindars.

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