The bond of love
1) how did author's wife react to the proposal of sending Bruno to Mysore .
2) how did Bruno and the author's wife react when they meet at Mysore zoo.
3) how was Bruno found by the author ?
4) how did Bruno meet with an accident ?
5) what happen to Bruno
6) why Bruno couldn't stand on his feet ?
7) Do the have simpathy with Bruno?

Dear student,

1. The author's wife loved Bruno. When Bruno was sent to the zoo, she became very sad. She wept inconsolably. For the first few days, she refused to eat anything. She even wrote letters to the curator of the zoo to enquire about Bruno's wellbeing.

2.The narrator's wife was thrilled to meet Bruno. Unlike the predictions of other people who thought the bear would have forgotten the narrator's wife, Bruno was so happy that he started crying. The wife ran to meet him and he stood on his head to express his happiness. She stayed with him in the cage at the zoo for three hours, feeding him lemonade, tea, cakes, etc.

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