1. She would never have changed jobs if she ------------------
a) had been promoted
b) have been promoted
c) is promoted
d) was promoted
2. I don't trust these godmen. I never have, and I --------------------.
a) will never
b) never will
c) never do
d) never would
3. I am going to do my exams, and -------------------- I am planning to
study law.
a) after
b) afterwards
c) afterward
d) later
4. I thought I would fail the test, but I passed -------------
a) at all
b) finally
c) after all
d) nevertheless
5. When I was ------------------- I was working.

a) at your age
b) your age
c) of your age
d) at the age of you
6. Alice isn't coming to the party. Stella isn't coming -----------------
a) either
b) neither
c) also
d) too
7. Grandmother often comes and --------------- the weekends with us.
a) spend
b) spends
c) spending
d) to spend
8. Did you have ----------------- trouble going through the customs?
a) enough
b) any
c) too
d) some
9. Get that cat ---------------------- the piano.
a) of
b) off
c) from
d) above
10. Maria died on ---------------- after the accident.

a) a Friday
b) the Friday
c) Friday
d) Coming Friday

Dear student1. had been promoted2. never will3. afterwards4. finally5. at your age6. neither7.spends8.any9.off10. the FridayRegards

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