Tell me the answer according to 3 Marks questions

Seperate electorate is a constituency demanded by minorities inorder to get sufficient representation in central legislature. In these electorates the person chosen by the specific community (through election in which only they participate ) is chosen as their representative.
Gandhiji was against demand of seperate electorate because-
1. He feared that it would disintegrate the Hindu community.
2. He felt that this would not work for uplift of the depressed classes but will further isolate them as they were historically isolated.

2. Reason for withdraw of non cooperation movement are-
a. Violence at Chauri Chaura in Bihar was agaisnt Gandhiji's principle of non violence.
2. He felt that mass is tired of long going movement and their needs to be a break before starting a fresh struggle.
3. Reforms introduced by British through Government of India act 1919. 

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