Talk to your parentsand elders, grandparents and their contemporaries and discuss whethermodern society is really more competitive or conflict ridden than itused to be before. And if you think it is, how would you explain thissociologically?

Note: Any answersupported with argument or explanation would solve the purpose.

 One sampleanswer has been provided to you:

Society was competitiveeven during the time of our previous generations. Though the needs ofthat time were different, striving to get the best has always been apart of the society. For example, fifty years ago, the value of Rs.100 would have been equal to the value of Rs 10,000 in thecontemporary times. Hence, the competition at that time was to getRs. 100, while today it is to get Rs. 10000 at least.

The urge to get thebest available resources of the time has always led to competitionand consequently, conflicts. This has been visible in the explorationof the world by European explorers in search of new resources and theresultant process of colonization of newly discovered lands. Theother types of conflicts were based upon locally unique phenomena.For example, the caste system in India was one of the oldest forms ofdivision of labour.

Therefore, it can beconcluded that society has never been free from conflicts andcompetition because there has always been a change in the nature ofconflicts in different periods of a society according to theprevalent social, economic and cultural conditions.

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