Suppose you are one of the volunteers who went to the Andaman and

Nicobar Islands for relief work after the tsunami. You work in the relief camps,

distributing food, water and medicine among the victims. You listen to the

various stories of bravery of ordinary people even as they fight against odds

to bring about some semblance of normalcy in their lives. You admire their

grit and determination. Write a diary entry.

Monday, 14 April, 20xx.

9 PM


Dear Diary,

Today, I interacted with some of the survivors of tsunami in a relief camp. 

Most of them have lost their money and property, many have lost their loved ones. Despite their sorrow and grief, they reach out to the others and lend a helping hand. Their grit and determination to bring their lives back on track will soon have them standing on their feet. they have already started rebuilding their houses with the help of the government and NGOs. They have formed youth squads that do the heavy work;groups of women look after the orphans and the old are given special medical attention. They are praiseworthy as they have not lost hope in the wake of the dire calamity.


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