suppose you are one of the volunteers who went to andaman and nicobar islands for relief work after the work in the relief camps,distributing food,water and medicine among the listen to various stories of bravery of ordinary peple even as they fight against odd to bring about some semblance of normalcy in their admire the grit and detremination.write a diary entry.

2 July, 2014
20 hrs

Dear Diary, 
The Tsunami has turned their lives upside down. I have seen only misery and death in Andaman and Nicobar Islands after the tsunami. As we helped the victims pick up pieces of their lives, we could not help but admire them. Even though they have lost so much, they are willing to help others. The story of one such girl touched my heart. She was just an eight year old girl and the tsunami had claimed the lives of her parents and two brothers. She was saved by some people and she was shocked to know  that her family had drowned. As she looked around, she could not sit and mourn for her fate so she decided to work as a volunteer. She worked tirelessly with the rescue team and helped them as much as she could. She took care of the little ones in the camp and I was amazed to see that she had a mother's touch as she bandaged their wounds. Keeping her comfort aside, she helped the people pick up their lives again. I was truly impressed by her.


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