summary on forests our lifeline???

There are many reasons due to which forests are considered as our life line, hence need to be protected like-

humans derive countless direct economic benefits from forests like food (cereals, pulses, fruits), firewood, fibre, construction material, industrial products (tannins, lubricants, dyes, resins, perfumes ) and products of medicinal importance.  

Nobody knows how many more medicinally useful plants there are in tropical rain forests waiting to be explored.

It is also the home of diverse wildlife which maintains the ecosystem.

There are other intangible benefits – that we derive from nature–the aesthetic pleasures of walking through thick woods, watching spring flowers in full bloom or waking up to a bulbul’s song in the morning. 

The ethical argument for conserving forests relates to what we owe to millions of plant, animal and microbe species with whom we share this planet. 

We need to realise that every species inhabiting the forests has an intrinsic value, even if it may not be of current or any
economic value to us. 

We have a moral duty to care for their well-being and pass on our biological legacy in good order to future generations.

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