summary of the poem when I set out for lyonnesse

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SUMMERY- the author was an architect he was going to
Lyonnesse to restore a church.It was an hundred mile way and stars were the only companion in his journey.
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The poem is constructed in the motive of the journey, venturing into the unknown lands. It is structured into a thematic pattern of a desire and its destiny. The journey can be seen as a literal journey, the physical movement from one place to the other or a psychic endeavor where the journey is completely metaphysical or spiritual. On a different note, the journey can also be a function of dream-work where the venture was a satisfactory hallucination.
An aura of the unknown pervades the atmosphere of the poem, where the poet ponders about the exoticism of the mysterious place called Lyonnesse. The journey seems to be long, some hundred miles, and the poet undertakes his quest-motive on an evening garbed with chill and snow. The poet is in a mood of contemplation where his solitary journey has been pronounced by the word “lonesomeness”. He is the solitary reaper, on a mission to explore the unexplored. In the poet’s meditative state, nature has come to befriend him. Starlight seems to be his only friend philosopher and guide, leading him towards the desired goal. Starlight can also signify hope that binds man to be resilient. Hope keeps the poet committed to his mission. The first two lines repeat itself in the last two lines of the first stanza to provide an emphasis to the poet’s virtuous mission.

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