Suggest solutions to these problems in the planetary crisis in about 200 words

1.)Climate Change
2.)Ecosystem restoration
3.)Pollution (air, water, land)


1. Climate Change:

Atmosphere plays an important role in the climate change. Climate will change when amount of heat coming on the earth's surface changes or the amount of heat that radiates back from the earth's surface changes. For example: warmer climate is either due to increased amount of heat coming on earth's surface and decreased amount of heat radiates back from the earth's surface.

There are certain gases in our atmosphere, called greenhouse gases, such as water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, which allow the lower atmosphere to absorb  the heat radiated from the Earth’s surface and trap it within the earth system causing global warming. In this way, atmosphere contributes to the change in climate.

Human activities have resulted in various phenomena like global warming and melting of glaciers. This is resulting in an overall change in the temperature and climate of earth and its environment.

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