state work energy theorem. derive it for constant force. 

  • We know that according to the third equation of motion,

Multiplying both sides by m/2, we obtain


= Final kinetic energy

= Initial kinetic energy

W = FS = Work done

Equation (i) is a special case of work energy (WE) theorem. The change in kinetic energy of a particle is equal to the work done on it by the net force.


  • Work is said to be done when the point of application of the forces moves in the direction of the force.

  • If a constant force is applied on a body and the body has a displacement in the direction of the force as shown in fig, then the work done on the body by the force is given by,

  • When the displacement

  • 0

Acording to work energy theorem, the work done by the force in displacing a body is equal to change in KE of the body.

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