State the working condition of labour in all the three sectors.

Working Conditions of labourers in organized sector are similar to those in unorganized sector after Globalization
The organized sector covers those enterprises where the terms of employment are regular and therefore people have assured work. The unorganized sector consists of small and scattered units outside the control of the government.
In a country lie India the unorganized sector is very important as it is the second largest employer after agriculture.
With Globalization, the entry of MNC’s has ensured that the companies are searching for the cheapest manufacturing bases and they achieve so by only squeezing the wages maximum.
This leads to huge savings for the production units of the MNC’s and further decreases cost of production for these MNC’s.
The local players in the organized markets are too small to withstand the cost efficiency of these huge companies are often seen to close down in the face of competition and low costs. This results in workers losing their jobs and getting attracted towards unorganized players who offer higher wages than the organized players who have to compete with large companies by cutting wages. (A case in point is garment manufacturing which has led to substantial job losses in organized sector).
A large number of workers are thus forced to move out from organized sector to unorganized sector therefore giving up on fixed wages, benefits which the law offers them. (Another case of job losses is the huge impact of low cost of Chinese toys in the Indian Market).
With increasing globalization the conditions of labourers in organized workers becomes similar to that of those in unorganized sectors.

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