State few differences between Marketing and Selling 

Solution :-

The following points highlight the difference between marketing and selling.

Basis of Difference



1.Scope of the Term

Marketing is a wider time and involves a number of activities such as planning, designing, after sale services, etc.

Selling is a narrower term and is confined just to the promotion activities and the transfer of ownership of the product from the seller to the purchaser. Selling is just a part of marketing.

2.Starting point

Factory is the starting point

Market is the stating point

3.Means of profit Maximisation

Marketing lays emphasis on enhancing customer satisfaction for maximising profits.

Selling lays emphasis on maximising the sales for maximising profits.


All marketing activities emphasise on customer satisfaction

Selling activities emphasise on sale of goods and the transfer of ownership of product from the seller to the purchaser.

5.Scope of Activities

Marketing activities start before production and continues even after the sale of the product.

Selling activities start only after the production of the product.

6.Strategies and Efforts

It involves strategies related to production, planning, designing, feedback services, etc.

It involves strategies related just to the promotion and sale of the product.

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