some  example of simle present, simple past ,past continuous, present continuous tenses

Simple Present



[VERB] + s/es in third person


  • You speak English.
  • Do you speak English?
  • You do not speak English.

Past Continuous



[was/were + present participle]


  • You were studying when she called.
  • Were you studying when she called?
  • You were not studying when she called.

Present Continuous



[am/is/are + present participle]


  • You are watching TV.
  • Are you watching TV?
  • You are not watching TV.

Simple Past



[VERB+ed] or irregular verbs


  • You called Debbie.
  • Did you call Debbie?
  • You did not call Debbie.
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Simple Present Tense -

  • I go to school.
  • The earth moves round the sun.
  • The boy chases the ball.
  • My watch keeps good times.

Simple Past Tense -

  • He didn't play well.
  • Sheena left for Australia.
  • She studied for long-hours.
  • She left school last year.

Past Continuous Tense -

  • He was listening to his grandmother.
  • The light went out while I was reading.
  • It was getting darker.
  • When I saw him, he was playing chess.
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present continuous tense -

  • She is singing (now).
  • The boys playing hockey.
  • she is playing.
  • My uncle is arriving tomorrow.
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Simple Presant tense-

1.He smokes.

2.I always take my tea without sugar.

Simple past -

1.She died in 1987.

2.When did you meet him?

Presant continuous tense-

1.I am playing.

2. she is reading a book.

Past continuous tense-

1. I was playing

2. what were you doing when i called you?

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