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Solve this: mend t m mount to a t O •s. for 2 v e a money lender With t. mtere•t ekv•s he every r ta ke t t he Is free from the debt ? mnclude from t his t ORDER THINKING (HOTS) two bicycles at 3960 each. On one he gains What of loss or gain on the whole retaller cv«t ofa whose retail price is 13662. A Jent ar simple interest amounts to 6000 in 2 years and sum and rate interest. MATHS LAB ACTIVITY find a pert-ent (f a number 00 End (i) of60 (ii) 30%of80 : Grid paper having 100 small squares, sketch pen. To find 25'. of60

Taking 1st question from HOTS, 
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Which question exactly picture not clear.
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