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Solve this: • - !rtnal Payment) 6.04000 Q. Arnab, Ragini and Dhrupad are partners sharing profitsintheratioof3:1 On 31stMarch, books 2015, they decided to dissolve their firm. on that date their Balance Sheet was as under: BALANCE SHEET OF ARNAB, RAGINI AND DHRUPAD as at 315t March, 2015 Liabilities 2.000 Creditors Arnab's Brother's Loan Dhrupad's Loan Investment Fluctuation Fund Capitals: Arnab Ragini Dhrupad 60,000 95,000 50,000 Assets Bank Debtors Less: Provision for Bad Debts Stock Investments Building Profit and Loss Account 20,000 50000 300,000 50,000 The assets were realised and the liabilities were paid as under: (i) Arnab agreed to pay his brother's loan. (ii) Investments realised 20% less. (iii) Creditors were paid at 10% less. (iv) Building was auctioned for 3,55,000. Commission on auction was 5,000. (v) 50% of the stock was taken over by Ragini at market price which was 20% less than the book value and the remaining was sold at market price. (vi) Dissolution expenses were 8,000. 3,000 were to be borne by the firm and the balance by Dhrupad. The expenses were paid by him. (A1 2016 C) Prepare Realisation Account, Bank Account and Partners' Capital Accounts. Ans. Loss on Realisation: 1,27,000. Final Payment: ArnabÄ 2,63,800; and Dhrupad—e Total of Bank Account-æ . 9. A, B and C were partners sharing profits in the ratio of 3 : 1 : 1. Their Balance Sheet as at

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Bank A/c

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You enter a wrong amount on the answer and some entry are missing
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tell me where am wrong 
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What guide is that
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This is the correct answer

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this is the correct amswere because the total stock was 150000 n its half was taken by raginin the remaining is yet left

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realistation account

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