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Fill in the Blanks

Symphony Public School organized (a)_______________ workshop on drawing and painting recently Representatives (b)_______________    the institute gave presentations on various courses offered and tips for better painting. (c)_______________    students from neighbouring schools attended the workshop, and (d)_______________   useful tips to enhance their skills. Students were inspired to do Graduation in Fine Arts as there is a great demand for (e)_______________   artists and designers.

(a) (i) a (ii) an (iii) the (iv) same
(b) (i) by (ii) with (iii) from (iv) in
(c) (i) more (ii) many (iii) some (iv) all
(d) (i) leamt (ii) has learnt (iii) had leamt (iv) leam
(e) (j) create (ii) creating (iii) created (iv) creative

(a) a
(b) from
(c) many
(d) learnt
(e) creative

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