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Example 7. 120 men had food provision for 200 days. After 5 days, 30 men died due to an epidemic. How long will the remaining food last?

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Food lasts for 200 days for 120 people

After 5 Days
food lasts for (200-5) days for 120 people

But when 30 people die

food lasts for
 120×(200-5)120-30=120×19590=4×65=260 days
for rest of the 90 people.

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men            days
120              20
90               x
after 5 days=120-30=90
we do, 120*90=200*x       formula(x1/y1=x2/y2)
=108/2   = 54
thats your answer = 54 days

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