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"Controlling" is the function of management which is needed to ensure that the actual performance is in accordance with the performance as per 'time' and 'motion' studies. through planning and observation D&D ltd co. concluded that an employee of the company could produce 120 units per day and through Controlling function management can find out the deviations by comparing the actual performance (which is 80-90 units per day) with the desired performance or standard (which is 120 units per day)

Following are the features of Controlling function of management-
-It helps in achieving organisational goals- Deviations are calculated and the corrective measure will be taken in order to organisational goal

-It ensures discipline- An environment of order and discipline is created with the controlling function of management

-it ensures accuracy in standards- efficient control system verifies standards set up in the planning process.

-It ensures efficient use of resources



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