Solve ques 47,48 and 49 with explanation

Solve ques 47,48 and 49 with explanation t2V paragraph for question nos. 47 to 49 in the figure is '5W Tho on the on the voltmeter is 'CV. Ammeter. voltmeter and battery are idea Ion Find the resistance R, : 47. 48. 49. (A) ton Find the resistance R. (B) 15Q (B) 150 What is the emf c of the supply battery ? (A) IOV (C) 20Q (C) 200 (C)20V (O) 250 (D)25Q 'ivo c Find the in the 01 5" tches find the In the arnc*t•

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Given,V=10VI=500×10-3AR1=VI=10500×10-3=20ΩAgain,V=IR2+R310+R3=VI=10500×10-3=20R3=10ΩE=10V as  the internal circuit is zero
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