Solve everything plz

Solve everything plz the the path, Width 'he path • "v Exercise 18.1 length and breadth of rectangular field are in the ratio 9 : 5. If the area held 14880 Nuare metre. find the cost Of surrounding the field With a fence rate metre. 2. A r«tangle 's 16 m by 9 m. Find a side of the square whose area equals the the By how much does the perimeter of the rectangle exceed the the square? 3. Two adpcent sides of a parallelogram are 24 cm and 18 cm. If the distance betw.-, Jong-er Sides is 12 cm, find the distance between shorter sides. Rajesh has a square plot with the measurement as shown tn the adjoining figure. He wants to construct a ul the middle of the plot. A garden is developed around the house. Find the total cost of developing a garden around the house at the rate of ? 50 per m2. 24 m 24m — 5. A flooring tile has a shape of parallelogram whose base is 18 cm and the correspondiq height is 6 cm. How many such tiles are required to cover a floor of area 540 mb (If required you can split the tiles in whatever way you want to fill up the

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