Sir, we say that volume of the solid remains constant, even if we reform the solid or change its shape. If we take 2 plastic cylindrical glasses, in one of them if we fill full water and if we crush other glass a little and fill water in it completely after removing folds of crush in that glass and compare that to fully filled glass it seems that volume of crushed glass is lesser than volume of other glass. Doesn't it contradict above axiom? Please clear my doubt sir.

Dear student,
Volume of a solid depends on its dimensions, that is length , breadth and height. Till the time these three dimensions remains exactly same(before crushing the glass and after crushing the glass) the volume remains constant. If there is a small difference in the dimensions of the two volume will differ.
No matter how the folds of the glass are removed but it can't be as perfect as an uncrushed glass. So the volume differs.

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