1) are all conductors of electricity made of magnetic substances? can you give examples to justify the answer

2) why is that a freely suspended magnet comes to rest in the north-south direction?

1). No, all conductors are not made of magnetic materials. By magnetic materials we understand ferromagnetic substances. For example best used conductors like Silver, Copper and Aluminum are not ferromagnetic. So, all conductors are not magnetic.

2) The alignment of a freely suspended magnet is influenced by the earth’s magnetic field. Our earth is assumed to have a strong magnet with its south pole near the geographic North Pole and the north pole of the magnet near the geographic South Pole. This is why when a magnet is freely suspended; the north pole of the magnet points towards the geographic north pole of earth and south pole of the magnet points the geographic South Pole.

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mostlly yes because all metals are conductors and most of the metals are magnetic stubances

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 it comes to rest in north-south as the poles   align themselves with earth's Magnetic Field.

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