sir,i'am new for CBSE.I don't know physics basis.
what I have to do?

Dear Student,

Physics is a very beautiful subject. I used beautiful adjective with this subject because by knowing it and applying it in all the activities around us we find the phenomena to be beautiful. You will be able to see science behind every action in your surrounding.

Start reading your Text book and then go through the study material provided to you with text, interactive videos and many self assessment tests to check your understanding of topic. 

I advice you to go step by step. By rushing or start with a topic from the middle of the chapter can confuse you and decrease the interest level.  After learning any concept try to find day-to-day application of it, this activity will increase your visualisation of concept. After this mind exercise try out sufficient number of problems on it this practice will cement the concept in your mind. 

Don't just learn the formulas as without understanding you won't be able to apply them. First of all go through the chapters and try to understand the topics and if face problem then ask us your doubts.
Further formulas are given in revision notes and try to go through the physics chapters.

While preparation if you face any kind of problem do write to us. We will be glad to help you. 

I hope sooner you will love this subject.  All the best! 


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just see the recording of basic mathematics 
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