‚Since every manger performs staffing function, there is no need for separate Human Resource Department as it also performs the staffing function.‛ Do you agree with this statement? Give any two reasons

1.In small organisations, managers may perform all duties related to employees. But as an organisation grow and the number of persons employed increases, a separate Human resource department is formed which has specialists in managing people. 
2. Human resource management is much broader concept and staffing is an inherent part of it. 

Roles of a HR manager: 
1. Recruitment 
2. Training and development of employees 
3.defending company in law suits and avoiding legal complications 
4.Maintaining labour relations and union management relations. 
5.Handling grievances and complaints. 
6.Providing for social security and welfare of employees. 
7.Developing compensation and incentive plans.




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No, I don't agree with the statement because although every manager performs staffing function, there is a need for separate human resource department as assistance of experts is required for specialised personnel activities like job evaluation, performance appraisal etc.
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