Show  an  easy  diagram  of  water  cycle  and  write  the  definetion  in  short  form 

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Water molecules change into water vapour and move into the atmosphere by the process of evaporation. The excess water absorbed by plant roots is released through the pores on the surface of leaves by the process of transpiration. The process by which water vapour rises up, cools down in the higher atmosphere, and forms clouds is called condensation. As condensation proceeds, water vapour changes into water droplets. When enough water droplets accumulate, they fall down as rain. This process is called precipitation. The rain replenishes the water in the lakes, ponds, oceans, and other water bodies. The process of rain water thus entering the soil is known as infiltration. When rain water flows over the surface of land before entering the water bodies, it is called surface runoff.  At very low temperatures, water freezes and falls down as hail, snow, or sleet.

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 Diagram of Water Cycle


Water Cycle

The continuous process between water, air and land is known as water cycle


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The circulation of water in this manner (as shown in given figure) is known as WATER CYCLE

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