Should indirect election of rajya sabha be replaced by direct election? What would be its advantages and disadvantages?

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a.Members of Rajya Sabha - It is Upper house of the Parliament or the Council of States comprising of 250 members out of which ‚Äč12 members are nominated by the President consist of persons having special knowledge or practical experience in respect of such matters as literature, science, art and social service. The 238 seats are filled indirectly through proportional representation system by a single transferable vote, by the representative from various states and Union Territories
b. There are lot of debates and discusison on whether Rajya Sabha must be directly elcted or not.
c. Having direct election will have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Merits of direct elections to Rajya Sabha:

a. It would certainly allow people to make choices and directly elect their representatives to the upper house.
b. It would certainly enhance the democratic stature of the house.
c. It would guarantee representation of diverse interests.


a. However, if we see there are more disadvantages associated with holding direct elections to the Upper House.
b. It would bring about political instability as Rajya Sabha is the permanent house and not subject to dissolution. Having direct elections implies elections are to be held periodically and would face the same trouble like that of Lok Sabha which requires majority of votes to sustain.
c. Further, it would again involve lot of expenditure to be spent on elections.
d. Rajya Sabha involves representation of regional interests, where its members are elected by the elected members of state legislatures, having direct election is likely to give unequal representation to various states.
e. Further, it is the house of seniors, who share their knowledge and experience in the parliament debates and discussions, having direct elections would impact the composition of the Rajaya Sabha, as people with no experience are likely to get elected.
f. Also that 12 members with expert knowledge are nominated, direct election may also impact the, as again people with no knowledge in any expert field are likely to get elected.
g. Election to Rajya Sabha carries the legacy of the constitution makers  and any change would require a major overhauling of the constitution.


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