short note on Indian Civil Services(ICS) as it was organised by the british to their indian territories ????

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The India Civil Service was known as Imperial Civil Service under the British colonial rule in India. In the beginning, the British civil service was a part of a police state, and its major task was that of carrying out law and order functions. There was no code of conduct developed by any of the British-India provinces. The different provinces had different civil services.
To make a clear distinction between the government officials from the army officials, the term civil service was used by the British government in undivided Punjab in the later part of the 18th century.
The British government set up the Indian civil service in 1911, primarily with the objective of strengthening the British administration in the United Kingdom. Under the East India Company administrators of their controlled territories were engaged. These became the Honourable East India Company Civil Servants (HEICS).
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