short note on colonization

Colonisation- When the subjugation of one country by another leads to political, economic,cultural & social changes (in the country which is subjugated), this is called colonisation.

When the British came to India, they conquered India & established their rule by subjugating local mawabs & rajas.they established control over the economy & society, collected revenue to meet their expenses, bought the goods they wanted at low prices & even produced crops they needed for export.This lead to changes in the Indian values and tastes,custom and practices, even leading to political,economic, social & cultural changes. this is called colonisation.


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Colonisation is the process in which d subjagation of 1 cuntry leads 2 changes in culture, economics, socialpolitical changes in d country......the medivial period was a colonial period as no one had freedom and forces of modernity

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When the subjugating of one country by another leads to these kinds of political ,economic etc. we refer to the process of colonization. 

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The policy of acquiring other countries as colonies.
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when the power kingdom change the any state of culture politica administrative and rule thier state known as colonisation
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Colonization refers to the practice wich powerful country controls another country or other countries.
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