Short note on battle of plassey

Battle of Plassey (1757) It was fought between the forces of East India Company under Robert Clive and the army of Siraj-ud-Daulah at Plassey(between Calcutta and Murshidabad). Mir Jafar bribed Indian solders to throw away their weapons and Clive on the battle. the British consolidated their position in Bengal by making Mir Jafar as the Nawab of Bengal. He gifted large sums of money and 24 Parganas of Bengal to the British. But Mir Jafar could not fulfill the demand of British, therefore Britishers installed his son-in-law, Mir Qasim as the Nawab .He gives equal facilities to British and Indian merchants, which annoyed the British and they attacked him. Mir Qasim took the refuge at Awadh and the Battle of Plassey came to end.

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Robert Clive was sent from madras presidency to recapture calcutta
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