services provided by wholesalers to manufacturer and retailer

Services of Wholesaler to manufacturer are:
1. wholesaler help the manufacturers to avail the benefits of large-scale operations as they buy goods in large quantity.
2. wholesalers do sales promotion. they perform the task of persuading the retailers to display & sell the products at their retail outlets.
3. they provide market information regarding taste and preferences; and expectations of customers to manufacturer.
4. they provide the facility of storage of goods to manufacturer.
5. they provide financial support too.
Services of wholesaler to retailer:
1. provide them a wide variety of goods in one-line of product.
2. wholesaler act as the warehousekeeper of retailers.
3. bears various risks like risk of change in demand, risk of damage in transit, risk of theft in warehouse etc.
4. wholesaler arrange for transportation facility and deliver goods at the doorstep of retailer.
5. they assist small retailers by advising them on matters like quality of product etc.
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Services provided by the wholesalers to the manufacturers:- 

  • They place orders for the product in advance on the basis of expectations regarding the demand for the product. This enables the manufacturer to plan his production and secure the economies of scale.

  • They may also provide transportation facility by carrying goods from producers to godowns and then to retailers. 

  • They perform advertising and sales promotion activities and also employ expert sales representatives for the purpose. 

  • They provide financial accommodation to manufacturers in the form of cash payments for goods purchased from them as well as provide credit to them.

  • They keep the manufacturers updated on the changes in customers' habits, tastes, preferences and fashion. 

  • They also play an important role in fixation of the final prices of the goods. 

Services provided by the wholesalers to the retailers:-

  • They act as the retailers 'buying agent' and saves them from the trouble of searching out and assembling goods from several manufacturers. 

  • They inform the retailers about the new products, its uses and changes in their prices. They also assist the retailers in advertising and selling of the products. 

  • They provide financial assistance to retailers, sell goods on credit to retailers and thus help them to operate with small working capital. 

  • A wholesaler being the ware-house keeper of the market, they protect the retailers from the risk of loss arising from holding large stocks of the product. 

  • They may also sort out different grades of products according to quality and pack the goods into small lots for the retailers.    Hope this helps :)
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