Section - C
(Long Answer Type Questions)
C.9 (a) Examine any five major challenges faced by the political parties in India.


Major five challenges faced by the political parties in India are as follows- 
  1. Lack of internal democracy- In most of the political parties, the power is confined in the hands of one or a handful of leaders. Ordinary members of the party cannot expect to reach to the top. The top leadership is often segregated with the grassroots workers. Loyalty to the policies and principles of the party has less value.
  2. Dynastic Succession- The top positions in many political parties are occupied by members of one family. A person born in a particular family becomes the leader by virtue of his birth; which  affects the growth of democracy. This tendency is visualised in most of the political parties in India. This is not the case in India alone, but in many other countries as well.
  3. Increased dependence on money and muscle power- Winning an election is the ultimate challenge for a political party. For this, a political party leaves no stone unturned and spends huge sum of money on electioneering. Parties often take help of criminals and goons to terrorise voters and polling officers.
  4. Being a Meaningful Choice- Most of the political parties are almost  similar to one another. Very few political parties give any real alternative. People have no choice left but to choose  the better of the two evils. In some states, the party in power just changes every five year but people seldom experience practically.
  5. Failure to provide a meaningful choice to the voters- This is because of the decline in fundamental, ideological differences among parties in most parts of the world. 

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