S,B and J were partners in a firm.T was admitted as a partner in the partnership firm for 1/5th share of profits.calculate the sacrificing ratio of S,B and J.

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s,B and J ratio are 1:1:1
As, T 's share was given without mentioning as to what T get from S,B and J separately.it is assumed that T takes it from the partners in their old profit sharing ratio . therefore ,the sacrifice made by S,B and J is in the ratio of 1:1:1.
S's sacrifice = (1/5) × (1/3)= 1/15
B's sacrifice = (1/5)x (1/3) = 1/15
J's sacrifice = (1/5)x (1/3) = 1/15
Therefore, sacrificing ratio is (1/15) : (1/15) : (1/15)
Or 1:1:1

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