"Rights and dueties are reciprocal in nature." Discuss in the context of the fundamental duties liated in the constitution.

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a. The very concept of rights and duties are inseparably interlinked with each other, rather they are two sides of the same coin.
b. While we may acknowledge the concept of fundamental rights as those conditions required for the fullest development of one's personality and that they may very well form the bedrock of our democratic structure, fundamental duties are indeed important for the very success of our democratic polity.

c. Though the original Indian constitution did not include the chapter on fundamental duties and it was only in the year 1976 by virtue by 42nd Constitutional amendment act that they were incorporated in realising their growing importance .

d.  It is to be rightly understood that duties owe their very existence and meaning in the context of the society, since they are others who are enjoying those rights in an equal measure and hence it becomes our fundamental duty to respect that.
e.  My right is also my duty which  I owe towards others, towards society at large. If we all think about the notion that Right is might and always right in the literal sense, it would pave the way for anarchy, chaos, lawlessness and conflict.
f. In fact, rights must be defined and acknowledged in the context of duties and social obligation towards others.
g. Similarly, duties without rights indeed glorifies slavery and hampers individuals' progress and growth. Along with duties we need rights for our development.Both are mutually complimentary to each other.
h. The idea of duties is to instil a sense of responsibility among individuals towards society and the country at large.
i. These duties aim to inculcate respect for the very ideals of our constitution,to respect the rights of others, to promote harmony, to develop scientific temper and must not get swayed away by narrow orthodox and superstitious views. 
j. To promote a spirit of peace and  not engage in violence.
k. The entire chapter on fundamental duties lays emphasis on maintaining social harmony, peace,contribute towards social richness and lay the foundation of a strong stable society.
l.The very essence of a civilised society is based on mutual respect and fulfilment of social obligation as defined by fundamental duties.


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